Innovative platform for accurate detection and mapping of weeds and crops on your fields.

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Up to 90% reduction of pesticides

CropUp is a digital tool for you if you want better yield with less chemicals. CropUp enables precision spraying with the machinery you have available.

CropUp is made for farmers with their own fields, advisors on behalf of their customers or for drone pilots servicing farmers.

CropUp uses an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) on drone imagery, which recognises various weeds and crops on a per plant/leaf level, and maps them accurately.
On the CropUp web platform it is possible to assess the detection results as well as filter and edit the spraymaps before export. When satisfied the spraymap can be exported to USB as Shapefile or ISOXML, or downloaded directly to your terminal (if you have internet access).

The platform also supports estimation of the crop, e.g. clover on grassfields, so it is possible to optimise fertiliser distribution.

With CropUp it is possible to achieve a reduction of herbicide/pesticide of up to 90% depending on crop type and how early you intervene.

How does it work?


You (or a drone pilot) fly over the field based on our instructions


The images are uploaded to CropUp


CropUp's artificial intelligence analyses the images

Detection of Dock and estimation of clover can be seen in the UI

The results can be reviewed and adjusted before spraymap generation


The spraymap is generated based on the results and can be edited based on preference and expertise

The spraymap can be edited after preference in the UI

The map is exported to the spraying machine and you're ready to do precision spraying

Application areas

Image of grass-clover field

Grass/clover fields

CropUp detects various weeds on grass and clover fields, such as dock and dandelion. CropUp also estimates and maps the distribution of clover and soil, such that fertiliser usage can be optimised.

Image of grass field

Grass-seed production

CropUp identifices problematic areas in fields for grass-seeds. In some fields it is possible to differentiate between species depending on crop, weeds and the amount of weeds.

Image of sugat beet field

Sugar beets

CropUp can locate weeds between the rows in sugar beets as well as find in-row weeds if used at the right time of season.

Image of wheat


CropUp can map weeds in wheat fields in spring and before harvest. In the spring an estimate can be made on problematic areas and early weed infestetions, while a more accurate map can be made before harvest where species-differentation is possible.

Image of DJI Mavic 3 flying

More to come...

CropUp continously works on improving the algorithms and supporting more crop and weed detections. If you have any requests, don't hesitate to reach out to us, so we can investigate how to support it in CropUp!

Watch a video of the solution

Calculate saving

With this calculation you can get a rough estimate on possible savings from using CropUp (based on Danish numbers).

Estimated saving in herbicide usage: Estimated Saving:
Estimated saving without service costs: Estimated service cost : Estimated revenue without spot spraying: Estimated revenue with spot spraying:

Who are we?

CropUp is developed by Akson Robotics, which is formed by 3 robotic engineers from Aalborg University in Denmark with a wide range of skills. The goal with CropUP is to use drones and AI to make it profitable to use less chemicals in the field.
With precision spraying a selective and local treatment of the weeds is possible rather than spraying full fields. This means that dealing with weeds is easier, cheaper and more environmentally friendly while having a positive effect on the crop.

Billede af Albert Sonne Olesen

Albert Sonne Olesen

Co-founder & CEO
Reponsible for administration and business development
Billede af Benedek Benjamin Gergaly

Benedek Benjamin Gergaly

Co-founder & COO
Reponsible for hardware and integration
Billede af Emil Albin Ryberg

Emil Albin Ryberg

Co-founder & CTO
Reponsible for system- and software architecture


Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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